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Legal and Privacy Information and Terms of Use


Please read these Terms of Use and our Privacy Polices carefully before contacting us or using our services. Your use of this Web site or our services signify your agreement with the Terms and conditions stated herein.

If you do not wish to be bound by the Terms of this document, then please do not use this Web site nor contract with the company to provide any service(s).


Except as stated elsewhere, this Web site and all its content are the original, copyrighted property of the author. You have been granted a limited license to access the content, but not to copy or redistribute it in any way, manny, or form. Specifically, you are not permitted to reproduce, transmit, publish, modify, or otherwise redistribute the text, photographs, video clips, or other content of this site without the express written permission of the copyright owner.

Accuracy and Availability of Information

The company does not guarantee that the information provided by this site will always be accurate, nor that it will always contain the most up-to date information, nor that it will be free of typographical errors.

Neither do we guarantee any specific level of availability, nor that the server will always be free of viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, ransomware, or other malicious code. Although we use industry standard hardware and software to protect the server's integrity, we cannot guarantee that malicious entities will not breach the system. It is your responsibility to use anti-malware software and take all other reasonable precautions to protect your computer, phone, tablet, or other Internet appliances

Third-Party Links

The Company may from time to time provide links to other Web sites for informational or commercial purposes. We are not responsible for the content, including advertising, contained on or integrated into those sites by way of apps, browser-based or downloadable software, or other technologies that we do not control.

Additionally, you agree that when you click a link to another site, you are subject to that site's terms, conditions, and privacy policies.

The Company's Services

Nature and Limitations of the Services Provided

The Company's sole business consists of providing aerial photography and videography services using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS). We are not engineers, architects, inspectors, nor building professionals of any kind. We neither perform structural evaluations nor interpret the pictures and videos that we provide, nor do we claim to be qualified to do so.

You should seek the services of qualified professionals to interpret the pictures and videos that we provide. Casual comments by the Remote Pilot or focusing on any part of a building must not be construed as constituting an evaluation, interpretation, or or other finding regarding the safety, structural integrity, or need of maintenance of any object being photographed or recorded on video.

Scheduling and Performance of Services

Although we make every effort to perform services on the dates and times scheduled, you agree and acknowledge that the Remote Pilot in Command has full and final authority to make decisions regarding whether and how a mission will be carried out.

Some of the reasons why a service may not be able to be performed at the scheduled date and time include (but are not limited to):

Limitation of Liability

By using our services, you expressly agree that aerial operations of any kind carry inherent risks to people and property; and that even using every reasonable precaution, the risk of injury or damage cannot be entirely eliminated.

You therefore agree to hold harmless the company, our remote pilots, agents, employees, agents, contractors, successors, or assigns for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or other damages. Under no circumstances will the Company be responsible or liable for any losses or damages incurred directly or indirectly in connection with the services provided, except to the extent not waivable under law.

Privacy Policies

Data Collection and Retention

Personally-Identifiable Data Collection

You are free to browse any area of this Web site without providing any personal information whatsoever. The only time we ask for any identifying information is when you initiate the contact by submitting a contact form, sending us an email, or otherwise initiating a conversation.

Any information that you submit will be used only for the following purposes:

In addition, a record of every flight is entered into the Remote Pilot's logbook and the sUAS logbook.

The videos we produce for you will be uploaded to a video hosting service using an unlisted link. You and anyone else who possesses that link will be able to view or download the video. You may request that the link be password-protected, and you may request that the video be deleted from the hosting service; but by default, the video will be viewable by anyone, anywhere in the world, who possesses the unlisted link.

Anonymous Data Collection

Like Web servers in general, our server collects statistical information including (but not limited to) the total number of visitors, their general geographic areas, how they found our site (links, search engines, etc.), which Web browsers they used, which pages they visited, and how long they stayed on various pages. None of this information identifies you as an actual person.


Cookies are small files placed on users' Web browsers for a wide variety of reasons. Our server places two kinds of cookies. Once kind helps keep track of repeat visitors so we can tell how many unique visitors we had; and the other kind is used to secure the contact form and help filter out spam. None of our cookies are capable of "tracking" you across other Web sites.

Data Sharing

The data you provide may be shared with:

Data Deletion

If you emailed us or submitted a contact form, and that contact did not result in your retaining us for services, you can request that that information be deleted by submitting a contact form and selecting "Other" from the drop-down box.

Information about clients for whom we did work cannot be deleted for legal and record-keeping reasons.