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Flyover Demonstration Video

This is a video demonstrating some of the maneuvers that I typically use when flying over a property. Not all of them will be used in every real estate flyover. Every home and property is different. Factors such as power lines, adjacent buildings, topography, trees or other vegetation, and occasionally FAA airspace restrictions, may make some maneuvers impossible or pointless.

This video is of an old house on state land that other drone pilots and I use for practice purposes. We'll all be sad when it's finally knocked down. The video is also heavily-edited for time, and some parts have been sped up. An actual flyover video will be longer and even more boring than this one is. I doubt I'll be winning an Oscar any time soon.


Still Images of the Property

You'll also receive some still images of the property. There's no set number. I just choose the images that I think are most useful in terms of conveying the property's character. Here are some samples taken from the demonstration video.

The images you receive will be of higher resolution than the above samples, which have been resized for faster page loads.

For more information or to request a flyover, please contact me. Thanks for visiting.